Refund Policy


Refund policy


Clear Conscious


BookBeirut S.A.R.L works with several business owners and look thoroughly at each offer we feature on our website to make the best of it and deliver amazing values. We plan for a long term commitment of our shoppers and our aim is to keep them satisfied with every deal they have made and see them do more deals again and again. This is our fundamental challenge. 

Therefore, the shopper shuffles all the deals and only choose what is suitable for him.  Hence, we ask him to go through each deal he chooses in terms of expiry date or any limitation applied.  Our duty is to be as explicit as possible.  Thus, the purchase is basically his responsibility and he alone can decide what to do and how to use his voucher.


Dedicated team

If for some reason the voucher didn’t work, please call us immediately, we will be glad to assist you.


It is important to note that we are not held eligible for the quality of the service delivered by the merchant.  At BookBeirut S.A.R.L, we do not refund any voucher that has been used or has exceeded its expiry date and not used.  But, the good news is that after the expiry date, you can pay the other half of the amount and still enjoy the experience. Let’s say you purchased an entry to a beach for a 50% discount. So, you pay $10 instead of $20.  In case you exceeded the expiry date, you can still use your voucher and add a payment of $10 to it. We do not refund any cash. 


Defected product


If you find a defect in the product you purchased through our website, please make sure you return it to our office within 3 business days.  We will only exchange it if it is still unused, in its original box, with all its parts and accessories.


The terms are important, please read them


Our mission is to provide our shoppers with good deals and an excellent service and gain their satisfaction and loyalty.  Your mission, as a shopper, is to read the deals that attract you and understand well the terms and conditions found on the voucher.  Please make sure you look first at the expiry date and look for any restriction or limitation stated in the terms of the deal.


Draw a smile on someone else’s face.


If for some reason you will not be able to redeem the voucher within the specified period, why pay the whole amount when your aim was to benefit from a discount from the start.  Draw a smile on someone else’s face and donate your voucher to those you love.