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Privacy policy


The privacy policy divulges the privacy procedures for the BookBeirut S.A.R.L website (posted at www.BookBeirut.com).  BookBeirut S.A.R.L, the provider of the website (denoted to as “us” or “we”), is pledged to safeguard your confidentiality online. Please go through the subsequent points to know what information we get from you (“the shopper”, “the customer”, “you”) and how we use them.  Should you need any clarifications about them, please contact us.




  1. Amendment to Privacy Policy

We may amend the Privacy Policy as we grow our website or service. Any amendment will be displaced in a suitable way in here or the Home page, so you are aware of its content.  And yet, we urge the shopper to always review our Privacy Policy to be acquainted with any new policy added or amended.  In case of material modifications, we will highlight it on the page.


  1. Types of data gathered and their usage.

We gather two forms of data about our e-shoppers: Personal data (identification) and common data.


Personal data (Identification): is the data that determines the shopper.  We may request specific information about yourself when you access our website to participate in certain activities such as create an account, set an order, engage in discussion forums, complete a survey, post a review, place a feedback, ask for any info, apply for a job, enter a tournament sponsored by us/merchants, post a video or even choose special offers from third parties across our website (“ID activities”).

It is to note that it is totally your choice to book for ID Activities.  Only then we may require certain personal data such as your first and last name, date of birth, telephone/mobile numbers, email address, and mailing address. 

Upon an order, whether a product or a service, we may require the credit card number, its expiry date and authentication code (or related info).  Some required data are compulsory, others are optional depending on the activity you have done.  In case you do not furnish the compulsory data, you will not be able to go through any activity.


Refer to a friend / Purchase for a friend: When you use our referral service or when you purchase a deal for a friend, we require the full name and email address of your friend.  We will send him/her an email bidding them to access our website and to inform them of the gift.  This data will also help us trace the accomplishment of our referral program.  And yet, your friend may call us at any time and ask us to withhold his name from our database. 


We also use the Personal Data (identification) to deliver products/services to you, manage competitions, boost the website’s process, enhance our marketing and promotional endeavors, assess the use of our website, amplify our product/service offerings, and to customize your involvement with third parties (refer to point 3 of this Privacy Policy).  Let’s say you send a feedback by email to our customer service. We may relate to others your feedback about our service by forwarding it.  You may as well add your remarks and feedback in our marketing materials or our website.  Erstwhile displaying them for the public view, we will always get your approval whether to display your name together with your comment or not.

Moreover, when you send data or a product to another person through our website, we may keep your personal data. We may likewise utilize the Personal Data (identification) to troubleshoot, settle disagreements, perform administrative duties, get in touch with you, apply our agreements on you, comprise our website Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, conform to applicable law and liaise with law application movements.

Common Data: this data is not personal and does not specify any shopper.  Such data may comprise the Uniform Resource Locator (“URL”) of any website you accessed before accessing our website, or after leaving our website.  It may comprise the kind of browser you were using and your internet Protocol (“IP”) address.  So, when you access our website, we, and/or our official Third Party Service Providers and Advertisers, may gather this data through the usage of electronic tools such as Cookies and Web beacons or Pixel tags (refer to points 4 and 8 of this Privacy Policy).


We use this common data for many reasons such as troubleshooting, managing the website, collecting demographic data, conforming to applicable law, liaise with law application movements and assess the efficiency of our online advertising, content and programming.  That is why we may disclose this data with our official Third Party service Providers and Advertisers.


  1. Release of Personal Data (Identification)

We will not reveal, rent, sell, or swap your Personal Data (Identification) with other parties except as below mentioned:


We may exchange your Personal Data with the Merchants of BookBeirut S.A.R.L Occasionally, merchants (“BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchants”) demand some data on BookBeirut S.A.R.L shoppers to help them redeem the voucher when they purchase. For such circumstance, we do submit some of the Personal Data (Identification) with BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchants. This permits the BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchant to contact you directly if he wishes to do so.

Yet, please note that we will submit Personal Data with a BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchant only if you complete an ID Activity, i.e, purchase and solely to the concerned BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchant. Though we will notify BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchants that they can only approach you for certain offers with BookBeirut S.A.R.L, we are not to be held liable for any action they might take; it is not under our control.


We may exchange your data with our official Third Party Service Providers.  We deliver products/service across Third Party Service Providers.  These providers release and circulate our organizational and promotional emails. In order to accomplish orders, supply packages, direct emails and letters, manage tournaments, eliminate same info on our database, assess information, grant links and marketing support, troubleshoot, control the website, handle credit card payments, and deliver customer service, we exchange your data with them.

We may also exchange your data with companies “affiliates” or Service Providers with whom we have a mutual business relationship in the sole purpose to achieve our managerial duties.  As such, we give your credit card information to the card-issuing bank to authorize a payment for the product/service you ordered.  




Similarly, we may exchange an Affiliate’s information to our bank for a payment settlement.  Therefore, we encourage BookBeirut S.A.R.L Merchants and Third Party Service Providers to undertake and display their Privacy Policies.  And yet, the usage of your Personal Data (Identification) by these parties is dependent on their Privacy Policies that is not under our responsibility.


We may revive your data.  It is a technique to liaise with shoppers based on previous connection with BookBeirut S.A.R.L.  We may appoint Third- Part marketing sellers to revive some services.  This Third-Party seller, along with Google, may display BookBeirut S.A.R.L ads on internet’s sites. They utilize cookies to assist ads based on a shopper’s previous accesses to BookBeirut S.A.R.L’s website.  Shoppers may visit Google advertising opt-out page at http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html to withdraw from this activity.  To note that this data is used for reviving reasons nor more nor less.


We may exchange your data in a business transfer.  As is the case with any other business, our company might merge with another company.  It might be bought by another company.  In case of occurrence, the beneficiary company would have access to all the data we have, including Personal Data (identification). And yet, Personal Data (identification) would still be subject to this Privacy Policy.


We may exchange your data for our and other’s fortification.  We keep the right to reveal your Personal Data (identification) as pertained by the law and when we deem it is crucial to fortify our rights and/or conform to a legal proceeding, court order or judicial process operated on our website, to apply this Privacy Policy, Terms of use of our website, any other agreement, or safeguard the rights, property or safety of our website, its shoppers or others.


  1. Release of common data

We may exchange common data with Partners, Affiliates and Advertisers.  As such exchanging group demographic data (which has no Personal Data) with third party Advertisers or advertising companies and other parties as follows:

We have ads on our website.  These companies will use your common data about your access to this website or others to grant ads about products/services that may catch your interest through the usage of network tags.

As well, to trace and assess common data usage by performing some statistics to help us continuously develop the quality. To note that this common data gives a summary of the shopper’s activities.  These third parties companies just collect the data for us and we use them.


  1.  Revising and amending data

You can amend your Personal Data at any time.  You simply log into your account and access “my account”.  You send us an email at Contact us page indicating your name, address and email address along with the data you like to amend.


We urge you to amend your Personal Data whenever there is any update. We can cancel or eliminate any data from your account except past transactions. To note that we sporadically backup data and therefore; it would not be possible to delete all your data if you wish so.


You can confidently keep your credit card data on our site; the data is kept on a secure page.  You may also remove your credit card data at any time.  Just click “my account” and follow the instructions.


  1. Shopper Choice of delivery and use of data

As prior mentioned, you can decide not to give us any data related to you though you may need it to enable you to do an activity on our website.


This is conditional if you want to buy our products/services.  Our team will send you administrative and promotional emails and data regarding your account activity and acquisitions as well as any update or amendment on our products/services and promotional offers.  You have the choice to opt-out of the promotional emails but not the administrative emails. The administrative emails are linked to your activity on the website.  They comprise emails that are related to a shopper’s account, his inquiries and his acquisitions. On the other hand, the promotional emails promote our products and services of our Advertisers and Affiliates.  If you wish to stop receiving such promotional emails, please write to us or just hit the “unsubscribe” button.  You can also contact us and tell us what promotional emails you do not wish to receive anymore.  


  1. Security of information

Security comes first.  That is why we are very cautious about protecting the security of Personal Data (identification).  No one can access the Personal Data on our Website without a password and an email address.  The password is encoded.  Do not share or exchange your password with anyone.  Moreover, all Personal Data (identification) are saved on a secure server to which only nominated staff have access to. Sensitive data, such as credit card information, are encoded by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.


Nevertheless, any transmission over the internet or any wireless network is not 100% secure and is not guaranteed.  And yet, we use practical security measures to safeguard information.  We also seek to work with companies that do the same.  Still, we cannot assure the security of any diffused information to or from the website as well as cannot be held responsible for the actions of any third party that may get any such data.


  1. Tracing information


Cookies.  We keep cookies on your computer to simplify your involvement and access to our website.  What is a cookie?  It is a small text file which is kept on a shopper’s computer for record safeguarding reasons which holds data about the shopper.

The cookies have many functions: they spare you time while using the website, they trace and focus on the shoppers’ interests as well as remind us who the shopper is.  They help us gather common data from you, as such which pages you visited, which links you hit etc… These gathered data aid us to develop a more user-friendly tool for all visitors.  As prior explained, we hire Third Party Advertising companies to show their advertisements on our website.  They also might keep cookies on your computer to which we have no control. Thus, this Privacy Policy comprises the usage of cookies by our website only but does not comprise the ones used by our Advertisers. 

You can easily amend your browser setting to reject cookies.  However, by doing so, it is very possible that some sections in the website may not work properly.


Other tracing devices. We may use pixel tags and web beacons or any other industry standard technology to trace your access to our website pages and promotions.  We may also give the permission to our Third Party Service Providers to utilize these devices on our behalf.  The pixel tags and web beacons are small images that are displaced on certain pages on the website or in our emails.  They help us know if you made some actions or not.  As such, whenever you enter a page or email with pixel tags or web beacons, they create a form of common data for the action you have made.  The role of these industrial standard technology is to help us assess and develop our comprehension of visitor traffic and performance on our website.  They help us as well assess our promotions and functions. It is possible also to use pixel tags and web beacons given to us by our Affiliates and /or Marketing partners for the same reasons. 


  1. Privacy Policies of Third Party websites

This policy is related to the usage of data we get from you on www.bookbeirut.com.  Other websites may be reachable across our website.  They have their own privacy rules, use practices and data collection. We ask you to revise these policies and rules before linking to any such website because their rules and policies are not our responsibility.             

  1. Other various Privacy matters


Children.  The shopper must be above 18 years to be able to use our service.  We do not promote products/services that appeal to minors under this age.  BookBeirut S.A.R.L sells children’s products to be purchased by adults.  In no case, a minor can take part of this website.


Public Areas.  We provide discussion boards, blogs along with places on the website whereby you can write anything related to you or the product/service or communicate publicly in discussions.  Hence, other shoppers and companies may have access to the written data and the data can be displayed on other websites or web searches.  Consequently, you should know that the data will be read, gathered and used by others.  Let’s say you wrote your email address along with a public beach review, there is a chance you may find undesirable replies or messages.  Therefore, before writing any personal information, be careful of what you are writing because we do not maneuver who reads and how they act.  We always take the permission of the Shopper to add his name beside his comments.


Facebook connect.  We give the permission to the shoppers to enter Facebook Connect and network with friends and to exchange information through walls and friends’ news feed.  If you are logged into BookBeirut S.A.R.L and Facebook, both your profiles will combine when you hit the “Connect with Facebook”.  This is so if the email addresses are identical.  In the event they are not identical, we first ask you if you would like your BookBeirut S.A.R.L account combine with the one of Facebook.  Then after entering your BookBeirut S.A.R.L password, we combine both accounts.  In case you are logged to BookBeirut S.A.R.L but not on Facebook, you can hit the “Connect with Facebook” and you enter your Facebook identification or to “Sign up for Facebook.”  By doing so, you are giving us the permission to access your data and accepting the Facebook Terms of use in your use of BookBeirut S.A.R.L sites. 


On the other hand, if you have no account on BookBeirut S.A.R.L and you hit “Sign in using Facebook”, you will enter your Facebook identifications first.  Then you have the choice to enlist in BookBeirut S.A.R.L.  You will immediately be able to post in Facebook once you enlist on BookBeirut S.A.R.L and connect with Facebook.  To note that at any time, you can opt to inactivate Facebook Connect just by entering “My profile” and hitting “My facebook profile”.  Moreover, you can amend your privacy setting for all the publications and reviews that are displayed on Facebook or you can simply remove this service by using the Facebook Application setting page.



  1. Communicating with us

 We are always at reach.  Whatever is your business, whatever you are seeking, use one of the communications means, phone, emails, sms or whatsapp and contact us.