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Want your business to reach more customers and make more money?

Then BookBeirut is just for you! BookBeirut offers free online advertising for your physical services and products along with 100% guaranteed results.


We strongly believe that you have plenty of potential clients out there. To bring them closer to your business is our job.
No matter how big or small your business is,
BookBeirut will help your customers find you with ease.


BookBeirut is a complete hit in the business world. The customers love it because it offers great deals on the products and services. The deals on BookBeirut usually give upto 90% discount on hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, fitness, and products to the customers which attract them. The merchants love BookBeirut because even if there is no sale, BookBeirut's visitors can see and memorize their business name. It will improve their ranking on Google and there is potential that the customers will follow them on social media for future reference. Plus, it is all for free!


Every day, thousands of potential customers visit BookBeirut to have a look at the businesses that we feature. So, we give you a 100% guarantee to bring more customers to your doorstep. Moreover, modern customers are computer savvy and love social networking. So, they will recommend you to more people if they are satisfied with your services, meaning more marketing network and more business to you.


BookBeirut considers your business as its own business. So, we earn only if you earn. We feature your business on our platform and offer exciting deals and discounts to the customers from your side. All these services are for free. We only take a small amount from every deal that we sell.


We are not short term advertisers. We want to grow with you. We value our relationship with every client and we want it to last long. We will help you plan out the deals that will benefit your business and manage your loyal as well as new customers on our platform. No matter what, we will stand with you right till the end. You can email us at or call us on 01333556 anytime if you have any queries.


BookBeirut mainly serves as a middleman to connect you with your potential customers and promote your products or services using various deals.

The process is quite simple. We plan and create a deal. The deal is then listed on the BookBeirut website and possibly featured on our social media handles as well. When the customers purchase your deal, we collect the money on your behalf, take our cut, and transfer the rest to you via cheque. You also have to provide the title, images, terms, fine print, description, highlights, normal price and price after offer for your products and services.

When people usually look for products using search engines, they are focused on gathering information rather than directly buying. With their ever-changing algorithms, no search engine can guarantee that your site will appear on the first Search Engine Result Page. But when it comes to BookBeirut, visitors will definitely see your business if it is what they are searching for. Also, unlike search engines, when a customer heads to BookBeirut, it is mostly to avail a deal and buy rather than gathering information. So, BookBeirut works to promote your business without any interference from search engine algorithms.


It costs nothing to become a BookBeirut merchant or list a deal on BookBeirut. Our earnings come from the commission we charge when you sell a deal. When a customer purchases a deal, BookBeirut takes 15%, 25%, 35% or half of the revenue according to the business category and the mutual agreement. When your campaign ends, all of the remaining earnings will be sent to you via cheque.

NOTE: No matter how many deals you sell, BookBeirut takes its percent cut from every single deal sold.

For example, if you normally charge $100 for horse riding and offered it on50% discount along with a 15% commission for BookBeirut through mutual agreement, you will earn $42.5 per deal as BookBeirut will take its percentage off from each deal sold.


With the forever growing number of visitors on the BookBeirut website, your business is going to catch the eye of a lot of people. When they like your products or services, they will definitely recommend you to their friends and knowns. Ultimately, if your deals get popular, you will have lots and lots of customers and the sudden increase in demand can get a bit difficult for you.

To cope up with this, putting some limits or restrictions on the deals will work in your favor as the customers will be enticed to buy the products they need before time runs out and the discount is available no more.

Here are some ways for you to satisfy all your customers on BookBeirut along with keeping the demand in control.

  • Choose certain expiration dates for the promotion.

  • Give the discount offers to new customers, particular gender, children or couples only.

  • Put up a reservation or membership requirement.

  • Limit the deal to only one unit per person or per visit.

  • Set up the deal available only for 2 people or more.

Using such simple methods, you can get more clients, earn more money and be more at ease without any pressure.


Seriously? Are you still looking for a bottom line? Then sorry to disappoint you but with BookBeirut there is no bottom line at all. Not that it requires any more explanation; BookBeirut is a solid, easy to use advertising platform that has a great reputation in the market. It is free, guaranteed and all you need to do is send a request to the admin to become a BookBeirut merchant. So, if you are looking for a powerful platform to effectively generate new leads for your business, BookBeirut is the right place to be.


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