About us

Looking for a rewarding experience at discounted prices up to 99%? BookBeirut S.A.R.L is then your pass to activities from fashion, dining, spa, resort, hotel, travel, leisure and much more.

Being customer-focused, our mission is to provide the shoppers with variable offers and discounts that suit all kind of taste and interest.

Reviewing our offers has never been simpler. Wherever you are in the world, download our mobile application or browse our website, shuffle the offers, choose and live the experience.

BookBeirut S.A.R.L works in synergy with the merchants and the shoppers.  It promotes businesses and brings them closer to shoppers at no risk. Featuring deals on BookBeirut S.A.R.L does not only endorse the business, it also spreads its name and activity among shoppers through our web/social network.  We believe that both shoppers and merchants will acquire remarkable value.

How does BookBeirut S.A.R.L. work

You do not need to be a resident to benefit from our service.  Your vacation / destination is Lebanon? Wherever you are, you can browse our offers, tick the product /service of your choice, print and enjoy the journey.  It is as simple as that.

Our aim is to feature products / services which we are sure will give satisfaction to our shoppers.  That is why we assess many offers to make certain we display the best.

Our purpose does not lie in selling deals only.  It lies in building loyalty. Therefore, sharing your comments and feedback is very vital to us. The benefit would be mutual. The more you talk to us, the better we can serve you.

Keep an eye on our website! We add new deals regularly. 

The purchased vouchers will be displayed in your account.  You can either use our mobile application and scan the vouchers at the moment of redeem or print them.  We can also deliver them at your door, or you can collect them from our office.  We do accept cash payments in our premise.  

We are very transparent!  All our deals are safe.  All the required information is displayed in our page. Need more clarification, please contact us via any social media channel.  We will reply the soonest possible.

A warm welcome awaits you

We are located in Achrafieh, Kababji bldg., 4th floor. We are open 24/7.  Our staff would be happy to assist you. You can also call us on +961 81 333 556 or send us an email to